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Rubs' and Seasonings'


PicRound.gif (12628 bytes) Beef Round, Primal.   The round is made of lean firm muscles mainly used for roasting.  CMapRound.gif (2623 bytes)
PicRSRound.gif (15082 bytes) Beef Round, Rump and Shank Partially Off, With Handle (Steamboat).  This item is roasted whole and is usually carved on a serving line.  The Steamboat round is a favorite of chefs due to the presentation. 
PicRound3Way.gif (11800 bytes) Beef Boneless Round, Shank Off, 3-Way.  The three main sections of the round are Beef Round Knuckle, Beef Round Bottom or Gooseneck, and Beef Round Top or Inside.
PicRoundTop.gif (10861 bytes) Beef Round, Top or Inside.   The top round is the most tender of the three round muscles and is the preferred round section.  The large solid center muscle provides a high cooking yield with little connective tissue.


Below are some Pages that are contained within this section. They will help with your indoor and outdoor cooking. I've gone all out on these Pages:

The Butcher

Storage of Meat

Handling Produce

Dry Aging


Food Surveys

Food Safety

Handling Meat

Questions About Meat

The George Forman Grill

Marty's George Foreman Grill


Cooking Tips


Handling Meat

Food Surveys

Storage of Produce

Grilling Poultry

Grilling Beef

Menu Ideas'


Ethnic Cooking

Cooking Veal

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